There Will Be Cake : Wholesale

Thanks for your interest in our work! Below, you can find our wholesale catalog! In it, you'll find greeting cards, gift wrap, note pads, notebooks, and double-thick note cards. You can also download it as a .pdf, using the button just below it! 


Call: (401) 484-0216

Orders can be made by phone (9am-5pm EST) or email.

All payments will be processed at time of shipment.

Opening order minimum: $150 USD
Re-order minimum: $100 USD
We accept all major credit cards or checks.

Shipping: Please allow 1-2 weeks until your order is shipped. Please inform us if you have specific shipping requirements. Shipping costs are in addition to listed prices. All products are shipped from RI.

Changes and Returns: All sales are final and cannot be exchanged once products have shipped. Changes to orders must be made within 24 Hours. We accept returns for damaged products. Claims must be made within 10 business days of receipt of products.