We love this wedding suite...because it's ours! 

When we got married, we had a hard time finding stationery that suited us perfectly, so we decided to make our own. Jessica lavishly illustrated each piece with our own imagery and patterns, and we ended up repeating the visual themes throughout the entire wedding. Throughout the designs, we included as many references to our history and where we got married as possible. Things like quahogs, Rhode Island Reds, and the bicycles were included to give people a sense of us as people. We did a lot more than just the Save the Dates/Invites/RSVPs. We also had our own table runners printed on canvas (to go the length of the farm tables we used at the reception), Jessica repeated the colors in the bunting she made to decorate the room where the dancing was to take place, and we even used some of the design elements to make custom parking and bathroom signs to use at the venue! On top of all that, our amazing florist even matched the colors of the flowers to our stationery!

In the end, the colors, the imagery, and the entire aesthetic of our wedding materials were designed to bring out what we felt made us unique, and that's exactly what we want to do for your wedding!