Round-Up: Goats, Kilts, and LGBTQ weddings.

Hi everyone! So, here we are in our first round-up of fun things that may or may not be wedding related. We want to use this space to share things that are inspiring/informative/hysterical to us, and let you know about any goings-on we've had in the last week or have coming up. So, without further ado:

Here is a video of baby goats jumping on a couch. We really shouldn't need to explain it any more than that.

Green Wedding Shoes has a feature on a glorious wedding from downtown LA. We love the colors and the outfits. There Will Be Cake is a pro-kilt, pro-parade, and pro-popsicle cart establishment. To see the whole feature,  click the link, or click on the following wonderful image:


Upworthy has this really great article about planning an LGBTQ wedding that one of our couples shared. Even if you're not planning an LGBTQ wedding, you should read this, and be a little more informed!

In case you missed it, don't forget to check out the post we just did last week, talking about wedding invitation timelines.

Also, we've shared a couple short videos on our instagram account that people seem to like. You should really follow us on instagram, because we post constantly! This video is us experimenting with time lapse videography. It's pretty satisfying! We'll be doing more of these, for sure.

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And, finally, we have this delicious recipe from The Kitchn to share with you! It's a scrumptious watermelon salad that we made and took to a cook out this past weekend. Watermelon salad is always a hit for summer barbecues, and we used local feta and mint right out of our garden!

That's it from us for now! Enjoy these snippets of internet gold, and don't forget to follow us on instagram, and join our mailing list!